4 Tips for Shipping an IPod

When you sell an iPod or send it in for repair, you’re probably aware that it’s important to package the device fairly well, or you’ll risk in-transit damage. Still, hundreds of iPods are damaged while being shipped every year, and in most cases all of the damage could have been avoided by packaging the iPod a bit better.

Here’s a few tips to help you ship your iPod while minimizing the risk of damage.

1. Bubble Wrap – Exactly how much shock protection that an iPod needs is somewhat dependent on which iPod you’ve got. Hard drive based iPods need more packing, while flash iPods don’t need as much, but better safe than sorry, especially since bubble wrap’s so cheap. Put 2-4 inches of bubble wrap around your iPod and tape it securely. Don’t forget to tape either side of the bubble wrap, to keep the iPod from accidentally slipping out during shipment. The box is going to be thrown, tossed, stacked, and maybe even accidentally stepped on, so feel free to go a bit nuts with the bubble wrap. Don’t use other packing materials like newspaper or styrofoam peanuts, as an iPod will quickly crush through these while being thrown around, and any shock protection that these packing options offer will quickly be diminished.

2. Choosing a Box – You’ll want a decent size box for the iPod. A hard drive shipping container or a 10X7X5 standard box should do the trick quite nicely. You can use pre-made boxes from places like FedEx and UPS, but be sure that they allow enough room for the 2-4 inches of bubble wrap that you’ll be using to keep the iPod from getting damaged. Don’t use a box that has an Apple logo on it or anything that might indicate that you’re shipping an iPod, or you’ll increase the risk of theft by someone at the postal office or the shipping company that you’re using.

3. Shipping Method – Any of the major shipping services can certainly handle your iPod, but I’d ship via a faster method if you live some place exceptionally cold or hot to avoid subjecting the iPod to extreme temperatures. If the weather’s alright, ship ground if you can afford the extra time–in my experience, ground shipments generally arrive in better condition than the faster shipment methods, though if you packed the iPod correctly, this shouldn’t be a big concern. perusahaan logistik di indonesia

Do you have any other tips for shipping an iPod? Post in our comments section below.


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