BC’s Legendary Thompson River Is probably the Most Popular Whitewater Rafting Estuaries and rivers in BC

The Thompson Stream is the most significant tributary with the mighty Fraser River (British Columbia’s greatest river) draining an area of twenty-one, 600 square miles. Inside spring, this gathers this melting snowfall from this substantial area and fills their banking institutions with a big volume of water. river rafting kern river during spring runoff is far more than 100, 000 cfs (cubic feet per second) on average.

The major flow possibly recorded has been 146, 000 cfs throughout 1948. That is about fifteen, 000 bath tubs full regarding water a second, or even 3 Olympic sized pools filled every two a few moments.

The main stem Thompson River begins at Kamloops BC where the Northern Thompson and even South Thompson Rivers are coming. From this particular confluence, the Thompson River heads west 5-miles in Kamloops Lake, this descendant of glacial waters of which filled the vale to get thousands of years.

The particular lake is 17 miles long at their westerly end in the little local community of Savona, the Thompson River will begin its 73-mile journey to help Lytton BC. First, the idea flows west for 24 miles then heads southwest to blend with the Fraser Lake at Lytton in a very extraordinary spectacle of colouring : the azure waters connected with the Thompson slowly making friends with the brown, silt-laden Fraser.

The local First Countries lenders called this specific d�cor the Kumsheen or perhaps Great Forks of typically the two rivers.

Typically the Thompson River is famous intended for it is fishing. Wild rainbow bass are indigenous in order to the riv. Sockeye, Chinook, Pink, Coho and Steelhead salmon head upriver to be able to their spawning bedrooms located on the Thompson’s tributaries in between July and August.

The salmon leave often the water; head up the particular Fraser Water for with regards to 160 miles, after that in to the Thompson to their mating grounds in the Thompson’s a lot of tributaries. In 2010, the largest sockeye salmon migration in 97 several years – more than thirty million fish — advancing for the Thompson. The ongoing ribbon regarding fish, the fact that began while some sort of drip in early August and continuing until finally late October.

The very first descent of the Thompson Water took place during minimal normal water in October 1828. Governor George Simpson associated with the Hudson’s Bay Company and 16 of his or her men leaped the water in a couple of large freighter canoes and also a heavy, dory-like boat that they can paddled, not really rowed. The top river manual in Canada was in fee of the three build.

Simpson kept detailed documents of his first ancestry and describes a hair-raising trip through a segment right now called the Devil’s Gorge. They and his / her men made it by without flipping a build – credit is scheduled to this competency together with skills with the head riv guide rapid although many people did swamp the particular canoes and came nearly getting rid of one in the Lips of Passing away rapid.

The many Thompson River from Savona to its confluence together with the Fraser River is navigable. In 1881, the 128 ft. sternwheeler The Peerless navigated 47 mls by Savona downriver to Spences Bridge, and back again. The downriver journey had taken a lot less than a good day and the gain voyage a week.

Today, typically the most popular part for whitewater rafting together with kayaking is concerning Spences Bridge and Lytton, the distance of twenty-five kilometers. The very best rapids around the river – 16 in all – erupt inside the last ten a long way of the river from Frog rapid at Nicomen Falls to Lytton.

In 1973, the first commercial whitewater rafting BC functioning begun on the Thompson Riv as soon as Bernie Fandrich advertised the 8-mile tour through the rapids in close proximity to the tiny town regarding Spences Bridge, about 4 time from Vancouver BC. The one-hour rafting holiday sold for $8. 00 (adult fare) or $5. 00 (for children).

Whitewater trip on the Thompson Lake started out small. The particular enterprise contained a five x almost eight ft “Raft Rides” to remain the motorway, (visible through both equally directions of course), a new 15-ft travel trailer that served as an business and living quarters for Bernie and a good friend, together with a VOLKS WAGEN shuttle vehicle. The navy comprised involving one 15-ft Avon High quality River Runner raft. A good few lifejackets, oars, and a raft guide with more eagerness than the Dallas Cheerleaders round out this company possessions.

Bernie opened the VW lorrie doors for business 06 18, 1973 and was initially all set and ready to adopt somebody down the river each moment until early Sept. His gross income was $1160 for the year.

Even so, having been hooked upon whitewater rafting BC, noticed the potential in water rafting, and stuck having it for almost some decades rising his whitewater rafting BC business a good little each time.

Whitewater rafting in BC on often the Thompson Stream starts May well 1st each year in addition to continues until the finish associated with September. When often the river is within spring runoff mode, big power rafts are the buy of the day. Motorized K-rigs (specially designed Kumsheen rafts) – 22 ft. and even 28-ft. in length- will be utilized in-may and August. However, once the lake lowers to concerning 70, 000 cfs, oar-assisted paddle rafts float directly into action.

Typically the Thompson Stream Canyon can be one of the driest plus hottest regions within British Columbia. Annual precipitation will be usually a lot less than one in . per month, in contrast having the BC coast, which could get more than twenty moments that amount within places.

Normal regular temperature during the summertime float around 80� Y in addition to 105 qualification temperature ranges are quite common. The desert-like climate warms the drinking water of the Thompson River developing perfect conditions for climbing down a great river whilst whitewater rafting in BC.

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