Crime Comedy Movie: Bell Bottom

Bell Bottom is the best charming film in kannada, after the gigantic break in kannada ah chose to name it into telugu for its rich gathering. This film is an amazing outline of being unassuming and kind to individuals who are practically hard of hearing and ostensibly blocked. This film avoids the apparently incapacitated individuals who have no spot to remain and slippery individuals try to have their spot. The complete methodology of kusuma and Annappa will save them a spot to remain, do you wanna know how? Watch the Bell Bottom movie online. Comedy movies online like Bell Bottom are acceptable to watch.


Bell Bottom is the fundamental film which hits all the gatherings’ hearts. This film emits an impression of being a more noticeable proportion of fun and spine chiller in any case an unassuming and kind story is covered in the arrangement. The story is about expert divakar, the sub line itself discloses to us that it’s the record of how divakar manages all the experiences that come in his manner. He is an incredible criminologist, not as of now yet rather his objective. He gains some extraordinary experiences in life which likewise solidifies that he venerates a youth called Kusuma. His dad is the most disturbing individual in his life yet they essentially like accomplices, their relationship is really intriguing to watch. At long last with his dad’s ability he becomes PC without his will. He doesn’t care for it and he searches for the correct case to research and leave the work environment or get the best movement. He keeps an eye on one phenomenal case being PC, everybody around him gets paralyzed for his aptitudes and conviction structure. One day screens come for Divakar’s assistance. There will be gold missing from the police headquarters’ protection. It winds up being confounding how gold can be absent from the limit. Divakar certainly handles the case. Watch the film to recognize who is the hoodlum and what should be the attention on burglary.

Bell Bottom' review: Rishab Shetty is a delight in this comic detective film  | The News Minute

Technical Aspects:

  • All the nuances of the film are played well from pre creation to after creation all have been contemplated in the best way.
  • Music of this is a dash of dissatisfaction that it might have been somewhat more exceptional and fun. Regardless, the visuals of the film are very interestings.
  • Foundations and regions were similarly as skilled as 1980’s. All the set up in every scene and plot were sufficient for the film.
  • Make up, outfits are the best despite including and making a character for the film. They have been truly momentous in those viewpoints.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Rishab Shetty

Actress: Haripriya

Other Actors: Achyuth Kumar, Yogaraj Bhat

Director: Jayatheertha

Producer: Santhosh Kumar K. C.

Screenplay: Jayatheertha

Story Writer: Dayanand T. K.

Music Director: B. Ajaneesh Loknath

Cinematographer: Aravind Kashyap

Editor: K. M. Prakash

More Information:

Release Date: 15 February 2019

Run Time: 130 minutes

Available On: Aha

All the people have worked extraordinarily to live the characters. Watch Bell Bottom movie online obviously and like a pleasant time. Comedy movies online are new and are of interest.

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