Do You Have Dark Bags Under Eyes? Helpful Tips For You

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If you have dark bags under eyes you know that it’s a problem that isn’t remedied by extra sleep. Most people equate dark circles with being overtired but unfortunately you can sleep all day and you’d wake up to still see the bags. There are some remedies that do help and they’re both convenient and inexpensive.

Increasing blood circulation can help with dark bags under eyes. If you don’t have enough blood in the area it can actually make the circles seem more severe. An easy way to improve the circulation is to do a light massage of the skin under the eyes. Massage it gently for just a few minutes several times a day. You need to be careful of not pressing too best eye massagers¬†though as this is a very sensitive area.Image result for Eye Massagers

Vitamin E can be very beneficial when it comes to reducing the appearance of dark bags under eyes. If you aren’t happy with how noticeable your dark circles are, add a Vitamin E supplement to your diet. You can also cut open Vitamin E capsules and use the oil directly on the skin. It nourishes the skin so it’s a very beneficial and natural approach.

Cutting out caffeine may be a good choice if you have dark circles bags. Caffeine is a stimulant and affects your body in many ways. Most people don’t realize that their skin can also be affected by it so it’s best to stop drinking coffee, tea and colas to determine what affect caffeine has on your appearance. It’s certainly worth giving it up if it will make you look and feel better.