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Physical fitness is one of the most important keys to a healthy body. If you’re a fitness one and having the intention of purchasing a treadmill, don’t hesitate to take a look at this new model produced by famous ProForm – ProForm 995i.

Smart, high-tech, and super-modern are some remarkable words to describe ProForm 995i. ProForm 995i is one of the latest models produced by ProFrom, featured by the most high-grade facilities and sophisticated technology. With all of the advancements, it supposes to be the absolute best treadmill for burning calories, gaining muscles and minimizing the process of getting in shape.

995i is a 2.5” Precision welded frame made from steel. It has the maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs which is ideal for various shapes and forms of users’ bodies. ProForm 995i sports a heavy 3.0 continuous horse-power drive system with 3.0 CHP Mach Commercial Plus Motor, which is capable of giving users the utmost feel of power, strength, and sturdiness. The Proshox Cushioning is tailored under the running desk of 995i with the aim of avoiding friction and reducing the risk of suffering from joint pains for runners.

The tread-belt has been extended to 60” length and 20” width, accommodates wider strides and walks, thus, manages to offer trainees satisfyingly extensive running room. Having been under many trials and researches, 995i also features 0 to 12 MPH Digital QuickSpeed Control with the incline varies from 0 to 12 % levels in order to meet the demands of advanced trainees.

Apart from those, 995ii is specially set with an iFit Training program. It includes live interactive technology which allows interactive training sessions between individual users with world-wide class personal trainers. Users will not only have extremely energetic training hours with experienced professional trainers but also enjoy different scenes of the most beautiful cities all around the world. The process of burning fat and dropping the pounds has never been fascinating like that!

All of those high-grade features are clearly displayed on a large 7” high-contrast display and easily adjusted just by touches on the buttons. Furthermore, there is a dual 2” Bluetooth Speaker attached to the display, giving people access to other forms of entertainment such as films or videos when it is connected to users’ devices. An iPod compatible Audio is also designed and available for users in addition.

995i features Space Saver design with foldable deck, therefore, when it is no longer needed, users can fold it up and save the spacious space for other activities. Coolaire fan with two-level speed is also featured to keep users totally fresh and active, stay away from clammy sweat by bringing more air for breathing during working out.

With many advancements, new functions and an expansive collection of world-wide workout programs, Proform 995i deserves to be a desirable treadmill for many people, even the ones who are interested in starting their fitness routines or advanced athletes. You need to pay the budge of 1.099 USA to buy this machine and all thing left is enjoying the world’s smartest fitness experience.

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