Read to Know How to Customize Your Hand Sanitizer?

Due to increase in the number of people affected because of coronavirus, the demand for antibacterial hand sanitizer and hand gel has tremendously increased. Although, plenty of companies are trying to enter into this market to make their presence felt, for meeting the consumer demand.

Custom Earth Promos has been manufacturing various environment-friendly products is also engaged in producing their custom imprint hand sanitizer.

Here in this article, we have tried to put together a few of the top 5 hand sanitizer label design tips, so that any interested party can come forward in this market space.

  1. Don’t try to make your label design very complicated

Your custom label design must provide clear and concise information. The information that you provide must be related to safety, health, and hygiene products e.g. hand sanitizers.

Customers should easily understand your information and can develop trust in your product. So, your information should not be confusing at all, and don’t try to make any false projection about your product as something, that it is not. Don’t try to confuse your customer with loads of information.

  1. Include a few essential information

Besides containing alcohol, there may be a few other ingredients also present in your sanitizer. You must therefore display the following information as recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

  • Name of your company
  • Safety instructions e.g. avoid contact with eyes, for external use only, flammability warnings and keep beyond the reach of children, etc.
  • Production date with batch number
  • How to use
  • Details and composition of the sanitizer.
  1. Make your clear product brand

Since there are many brands already existing on the market for hand sanitizer products, so your hand sanitizer label design must be recognizable. So, create an easily recognizable logo.

You can also prefer to use branding to inform your customers of a few other similar products, e.g. different scents.

  1. Use suitable materials for the label

Choose the right kind of materials for your hand sanitizer labels. Avoid using a paper-based label for hand sanitizer, because they can be damaged either from spillages or through wear and tear.

There are several types of polypropylene laminate that give your bottle and label a different feel. If you have to write manually a batch, then make sure to choose the best label material.

If you want a more sustainable option, then prefer recycled marble paper labels, which has synthetic qualities.

  1. Adjust your designs so that it suits larger dispensers

Any standard bottle of hand sanitizer is very different from any larger sanitizer dispenser, so you must amend your label design. You can find such dispensers in hospitals or workplaces where there is a need for frequent hand washing.

As such, it will be a good idea to go for a larger label, and to enhance the text size for key elements e.g. the product name. This will help to see and read by the people and know from a distance what it is.

You may also use extra colors or bold designs for encouraging the use of your hand sanitizer, as this can offer extra value to your customers.

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