WWE’s Superbowl of Wrestling – Wrestlemania 24

WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship match. However, it’s no more about that. Now it’s about who gets to challenge The Undertaker’s undefeated ability at Wrestlemania.

In the last several years, The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak has become anything that’s cherished extremely by many professional wrestling fans. They just can not stay the notion of some body finally breaking the streak. The pure thought of it scares them.

Not only that, but a huge part of The Undertaker’s group of followers is because of his undefeated streak.

Whenever Wrestlemania moves in now, Vince McMahon is equally as worried to locating The Undertaker an appropriate opponent as he’s to finding a excellent WWE Championship match. In 2010, he also went as much to as Brock Lesnar to make a one time appearance as of this springs Wrestlemania to manage the Deadman.

Several WWE wrestlers have explained when they got to choose between a WWE Championship match, or a bout with the Phenom, they’d opt to manage him.

It’s pretty clear by this time that whoever break’s The Undertaker’s ability (or when someone ever does), it’ll be someone who’s prepared to take care of the key heel heat that he’ll have a short while later and the fact that WWE has put therefore much trust in him.

There’s generally the opportunity that the streak may never conclusion and The Undertaker may retire with it as his legacy. Whatever way it goes, lots of people obtain Wrestlemania just to see Undertaker’s match.

If we look over the champions of the last Profit the Bank suits in WWE in the last 36 months, you’ll realize that these didn’t protected an area however event. The three wrestlers which have won money in the bank before three years are CM Punk, CM Punk again, and today Port Swagger.

The issue with WWE’s new concept is which they allow a wrestler who doesn’t have sufficient credibility however, to gain the Profit the Bank match. What I am talking about is that neither Punk nor Swagger were created correctly previous for their big wins. Once they win, the market doesn’t care and the fact they certainly were even world champions at one point gradually dies out.

The very first two champions with this fit, Side and RVD were correctly built up prior their win. Put simply, they did have the proper reliability a wrestler needs becoming a principal function wrestler. And equally of these did become main event wrestlers after their win. Mr. Kennedy was also treading the right path, but he was published by WWE around an wwe wrestlemania live stream free.

WWE can quickly change this about by investing in more energy in building the wrestlers before they really get the briefcase. This season at Wrestlemania 26, the true champion of the Profit the Bank match should’ve been Christian, or Kofi Kingston. Both of these had the proper building required.

I realize that WWE is simply creating these wrestlers gain these suits in order to increase the shock charge of the fans. But in the process, they are destroying these wrestler’s potential major event spots. If your wrestler’s first test in the primary event is smudged, then it’s really burdensome for WWE management to help make the supporters take the wrestler in the primary event again.

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